By: Rodney Smith

 I know you like to dance, sing your heart and enjoy a couple drinks with your friends on a nice night out, well then Gypsies is the perfect bar for you! A local bar only located in downtown Leavenworth and open to 18+ year-olds. Gypsies brings you a fun-filled night of darts, pool, great drink discounts and dancing. Gypsies is one of the best bars in town and always open for you.

The bar is special for their cocktail, “The punisher” which is a house flavor that is kept secret, to give it a mysterious image. Then it’s mixed with pineapple and tequila to really spice up the taste buds. On tap, the bar has Bud Light, Budweiser, Shock Top and Miller but are currently in the works to upgrade to new beers. What’s cool about Gypsies is that all newcomers sign the wall, leaving your name on the wall for other locals to see. It adds an artsy look to the bar. There is a full bar and dance floor as well, making it spacious for the number of people it can hold. Gypsies isn’t really known with it being fairly new, but with time, it can become a very powerful bar for local residents.

I’ve been attending Gypsies since it first opened to the public and I swing dance there often, ever since. The bar is like a second home to many and the local chemistry at the bar is heartwarming. The DJ brings a wide variety of music to entertain all and gets everyone on their feet. Thursday nights are one of the busiest nights, with it being college night brings in a wild crowd. I personally enjoy the bar because of the country music. It’s what draws me in the most, as well as the great drink prices. I hope to help the bar boost its publicity and create the diverse environment every place should have. 

Rodney Smith is a Senior at University of Saint Mary where he majors in Digital Communications.