Community with Residence (1)

By Melanie Roberts

As the University of Saint Mary starts their third week of school, residents begin to adjust to the dorm lifestyle. The university offers two on campus living spaces, Maria and Berkel.  Overall, there are 265 students living on campus, 172 students currently living in Maria and 93 living in Berkel.

Welcoming a total of 144 new faces and residents living on campus, 124 new students living in Maria and 20 new students in Berkel Hall. A lot of the returning students of Saint Mary requested Berkel Hall at sign up this past April.

One values that the University of Saint Mary achieves yearly, is community. Within the walls of the dorms, the friendly and close neighborly environment helps accomplish the community value.

Resident Director Kristen Owsley, highlights on the community living, “Only having two resident halls on campus, you know everyone, or will know everyone once everyone starts getting to know each other. Here, residents have access to both halls.”

The difference between USM and most schools is the bathroom setup. A lot of colleges have community bathrooms, while both Berkel and Maria have suites, so there are bathrooms in each room that people are sharing with a couple students, not the whole floor.

Within the two dorms, there are eight Resident Assistant’s, one on each floor. As an RA they have duties to enforce the rules and expectations for residents in the halls. They also, plan and create activities that go on during the school year.

Approaching on campus is an RA event, Meet and Mingle. This opportunity allows students to gather on September 12 at 7:00-8:30 pm in Maria first floor lounge to meet fellow students.  Come mingle and experience a speed dating style to meet new peers.


Melanie Roberts is a sophomore at the University of Saint Mary and majoring in digital communications.