By: Rodney Smith

Puf Tobacco Free Hookah Lounge is a new hookah bar that just opened its doors.  The bar is located at 322 Delaware St. in downtown Leavenworth and opened publicly September 7th. Puf Hookah Lounge brings a new, enjoyable activity to Leavenworth for people 18+ years old to enjoy. The lounge also features a drinking bar for people of age with exciting drink specials and new flavors never before seen. 

When visiting Puf Hookah Lounge, I was very impressed with the set up. It wasn’t like your traditional hookah lounge set up, it looked like more of a chill place to just enjoy your friends company, almost like a dorm room. I loved that they had a bar because it gave another source of entertainment. It was cool that it was 18+ rather than having to be 21, which helps make the setting more teen-like. 

Another positive about the place that I mentioned earlier was the bar. For those that are of age, the bar was different from other bars I’ve been to. There were drinks and flavors I’ve never seen or even heard of before. The bar just introduced a whole new swagger of drinks in a different style to keep customers engaged. The one drink that really caught my eye was the 8-Ball. It was a black drink with a white center glowing in the middle. The way it looked was just something that would catch anyone’s eye. The friends I went with enjoyed the experience and everything about the place. It’s a place I see myself visiting numerous times and would recommend to others. 

Come check out Leavenworth’s newest hookah lounge, where you’re bound to have a great time. Hours of operation are: Friday – Sunday 6pm-2am. For more information you can visit their Facebook page @puflounge. 

Rodney Smith is a senior at The University of Saint Mary majoring in Digital Communications.