By: Rodney Smith

Sunshine Nutrition is a new juice bar that brings you smoothies, tea and aloe shots, all beneficial to better  health.  Sunshine Nutrition is located in Lansing, Kansas in a little marketplace. It opened May 1st, when owner Lisa Blas started the business in hopes of helping people get started on a healthy path.  

When I visited Sunshine Nutrition for the first time, the whole experience was free due to being a first time visitor. I honestly didn’t know what to expect and was never a fan of anything healthy, but this place was a tad bit different. They had a wide variety of smoothie options, which didn’t leave me stuck picking out something from a small menu. Lisa, the owner, was very helpful and nice in the process. She broke everything down and explained it in a way I can understand. 

So, how it worked was that you start off with an aloe shot, which is in a small container that you drink to help your skin and cleanse your system. Next, you choose a flavor tea to go with it. Lastly, you choose a smoothie to wash it all down. The positives about everything you’ve taken is that it’s healthy and good for you. I enjoyed the tea more than I did the smoothies. The wide variety of flavor choices was nice but I still have yet to find one that fits me. I did enjoy the place and recommend it to my friends. I even brought my team there and we all had a team bonding experience. 

Sunshine Nutrition is available for all ages and open to the public. Their hours of operation are between 6am-6pm Monday through Friday, 7am-1pm Saturday and 11am-3pm Sunday. For more information visit their Facebook page @Sunshinenutritionlisa.

Rodney Smith is a senior at The University of Saint Mary majoring in digital communications.