By: Michael Amado

At the beginning of summer, Coach Bruce Peddie was added to the baseball program as the new Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator. Peddie was previously with Kansas University, University of New Orleans, University of Louisiana Monroe, Shippensburg University and Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. This spring, Peddie will begin his 31st year as a baseball coach.  Under his belt, he has a National championship and multiple conference titles. 

Coach Miller, Head Coach for Baseball and the University’s Athletic Director, needed to fill the assistant coaching position after Coach Tony Hurla’s resignation. In a recent interview, Peddie mentioned his excitement for the new position, “This is more suited for me, the smaller schools, really get to know the players.” In his 30 seasons, 20 of them were spent as a head coach. “The politics, the meetings, let somebody else do that and just let me coach with the kids.” 

Due to the weather in Kansas, the team has only been able to practice for the past week with a couple days on the field. Coach Peddie is excited for the team and he is impressed with the amount of effort the boys are putting in. “Zero problems, which has been exciting, they seem really energetic and excited for the changes” as he describes the atmosphere of the team so far. Senior Matt Weis said, “I really like his style, he doesn’t put up with much and is ready to get after it every day.”

Be on the lookout this spring as the Saint Mary Spires look to capitalize after last year’s season of not being able to compete in conference playoffs. For more news and the schedule, please visit

Michael Amado is a senior at the University of Saint Mary, where he majors in Digital Communications.