By Brooke Mortsolf

Now a days, most places have signs indicating the place is tobacco-free and no smoking is allowed. This is the case at the University of Saint Mary where students live and go to classes, but only in buildings. One reason why a campus is tobacco-free is because there are students who have medical problems that could be exacerbated by cigarette smoke. Having a tobacco-free campus also eliminates students and staff from exposure to secondhand smoke. According to, the number of colleges and universities has risen four times higher in 2017 than in 2010. A program was started in 2015 called the Truth Initiative Tobacco-Free College Program to help more colleges and universities become “100% tobacco free.” According to Truth Initiative, the amount of college students smoking or chewing tobacco has declined since more and more colleges and universities implement the no tobacco on campus rule. 

Truth Initiative stats that, “4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered each year, making them the most littered item on earth.” With tobacco-free campuses, it reduces exposure to secondhand smoke and also reduces possible fires that could be started from cigarette butts that were not put out properly. Having a tobacco-free campus is in the best interest for everybody who works, lives, and goes to classes each day on campus. It is extremely important to respect a campus’ rule to maintain a smoke-free campus for everybody involved!  

St. Mary is considering going completely tobacco-free, but currently prohibits smoking in buildings and within certain boundaries.

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Brooke Mortsolf is an English and Digital Communications Major at the University of Saint Mary.