Students in COM451 class worked on an assignment this week along with journalism students around the country for News Engagement Day. Students worked in groups to find ten current news stories and pair them with songs to create a Spotify playlist that reflects current events. Group two’s playlist is posted below for all to enjoy.

News and Tunes By Kaila Trowbridge (@kaila_trowtrow_), Sienna Brown (@Sienna brown19),  and Antonio Sanchez (Tony_San3)



Come Through and Chill by Miguel ft. J. Cole

We chose this song because it has a Kaepernick reference. The NFL has treated him harshly because he was protesting the police brutality against people of color. The article above talks about how Kaepernick receive a major deal with Nike, despite the fact that the NFL has essentially shunned him.

Temptation by Joey Badass

We chose this song for this article because it is a powerful song. It talks about how they wish racism was no longer around and that everything was equal and fair for everyone. It also says that the government has all the power and he wants to make a difference and make a better life for himself and his family.

Hurricane by Luke Combs

The next song that we chose is Hurricane by Luke Combs. We chose this song because of the recent hurricane that has impacted America, Hurricane Florence. The song is a metaphor for a hurricane and love and how a woman has taken over him the way that a hurricane can take over entire cities.

Blacks and Browns by YG, Sad Boy

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Almost like Praying

We chose this song because it talks about Puerto Rico and the lack of help they were receiving. Puerto Rico after almost an entire year finally received power and the article discusses this.

Now by Miguel

We chose this song because of the mayhem that has been occuring with all the new immigration policies that trump has been try to put in place.

Quiet by MILCK

Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya

We chose this song because it is about a girl who does not want to “sit still look pretty” like she is supposed to. The song encourages individuality for everyone and preaches that it is okay to stand out. It relates to the article because the article is about a school was introducing the “you be you” campaign.

Fight like a Girl

This song correlates to the #METOO movement and it is relevant because of the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, the politician being accused of raping someone when he was in high school. The #METOO movement is for people to feel comfortable enough to come forward about sexual assaults and other crimes.