BsuBy: Kai-Tierra Anderson

As community is a core value of The University of St. Mary, it is extremely important that each student feels that they are welcome and valued no matter their ethnic background. The Black Student Union here at USM shares that same value, in celebrating that our differences are what brings us together. Whether you are African American or not, BSU welcomes you.

Having been to one meeting it is apparent that BSU is nothing short of a family. BSU is here to celebrate all cultures with a focus on the social oppression that an African American will more than likely face in their lifetime. There are about 25 members of BSU each with a story to bring to the discussion. The members discuss subjects that aren’t always so easy to talk about, while keeping the air light and smiles on their faces.

Being a part of this family is different and special for each member who is involved. As described by Secretary Alexis Janay, “BSU to me, is a safe haven for everyone to come and express themselves and their opinions, in a respective manner. I feel like I can be myself in a leadership position as well as a general member engaging in conversation that could be beneficial for not only my life, but others.”

Whether you are in BSU because you are passionate about everyone being treated equally and bringing light to social injustice or just looking for somewhere to fit in with great people you would find that here, “BSU lets me feel comfortable in my own skin, knowing that there are others like me here at St. Mary,” Solomon Nwankwo said.

Black student unions are so important to have at any school whether it is a middle school, high school or university. It is important for all students to be able to discuss issues that can get out of hand, if not controlled in a safe environment. Students being heard is a big part of how school can be more effective if learning is engaging. It is also great to have a friends backing you up, as Charlie Young says, “BSU is a support system in which I can use to talk about my problems that I have, and I know I won’t get judged for them.”

If you are interested in discussing social problems, making friends, fundraisers, food and joining a family – BSU is a place where you can get that and so much more. BSU meets every Friday in Miege at 11 am. Get involved, join BSU. You and your ideas are always welcome.

Kai-Tierra Anderson is a freshman at University of St. Mary, studying Digital Communications and Broadcast Journalism.