legends-0121What’s so special about Legends you ask? Well did you know it consists of an outdoor mall, restaurants, movie theatre and arcade place? Legends brings you a great deal of things to do in a small area. Over 20 stores and numerous food options are available. Legends also consist of its very own movie theatre, AMC Legends 14, to keep everyone up to date with the newest movies. Now for the fun portion, if you enjoy some fun arcade games and quality prizes, Dave & Busters is located right in the heart of Legends and is open to all ages. So the next time you need some new crazy nice outfits to go with your dinner and a movie, check out Legends, the outlet for you!

Legends Outlets is located about 20 minutes from USM. Just put “Legends Outlets, Kansas City” into your GPS.

Rodney Smith is a Senior at University of Saint Mary where he majors in Digital Communications.