An opinion by: Kai-Tierra Anderson

The season of fall brings about a plethora of activities, football games, pumpkin patches, haunted houses and most importantly fall fashion. Fall is known for warm colors like burnt oranges, yellows and burgundy.

The fashion of the season is one I personally love dressing for, although it is chilly outside, you can throw on a cute undershirt, a sweater and a jean jacket and maybe even a cute beanie if you are feeling it. It’s the season of intentional layering, and I love it. Sweaters are a staple, Shannon Stovall explains how she “loves to pull out her sweaters and jeans, they are perfect for fall because they are so cute and keep you warm,” which is a statement I cannot argue with.

Focusing on the top half of the body we have to give the shoe game of fall some love, as soon as September hits stores are already placing out their newest selection of boots for everyone to obsess over. Not only are these shoes going to keep you warm, they are going to spice up your outfit. Lauryn Airy “loves to pull out her Uggs, but I also love over the knee boots, pair them with some knee socks that compliment your top, and you are set!” It is always all about the details.

Fall fashion does not just include what you wear on your body it also includes makeup, which over the years has become a huge fad, dark lips, a strong contour and some lashes are enough to set you up to slay the entire season. Kayshauna Freeman, is known for slaying the makeup game, “I would have to say that fall is my favorite time of the year for doing me makeup. I cannot wait every year to whip out my eyeshadows and do a dramatic look, I recently have been pairing that with my Fenty red lip color and it is going to become my staple.”

No matter what your fall fashion looks like, make sure you take advantage of the fashion opportunities that it brings.

Kai-Tierra Anderson is a freshman at The University of Saint Mary studying Digital Comminutions and Broadcast Journalism.