pets-winter.pngAn Opinion, By: Kai-Tierra Anderson

Winter in Kansas for natives is not a joke, so for all the USM students who come from sunny, warm states that they may have to pull out a sweater from time to time, winter can be the worst season. Even being born in Kansas I dread winter, I like to be able to feel my limbs and when sitting outside in negative degrees that option is taken away.

For some freshman this is their first winter. Meredith Amrhein is from Dallas, Texas, and has never experienced a cold winter so this year will be her first. “When I came here I just brought a bunch of summer clothes because that’s all that I owned, but after being here- I texted my mom and let her know that I was going to need to invest in a coat. I was not ready for this weather change.” The changing of the seasons really does sneak up on you, a winter coat and some gloves will be your best friends.

I get surprised when students tell me that they are from the beautiful state of California, I just think to myself, do they know what they are getting themselves into? There is no such thing as shorts and hitting the beach in Kansas in mid-December. Rashad Thomas says “although I have been in Kansas for a winter before, you are never really ready for it, when I walk outside I can feel my bones freezing.” I am sure most students can relate to that, even the ones who are used to the cold weather.

Kansas is known for crazy weather, Danielle Cassady who makes her way here from Arizona says that “December and January really make me miss home. I am used to 110 degrees on a good day. I am not made for cold weather.” One thing that I can guarantee, it will be cold – and I hope you know your way around the tunnels.

Kai-Tierra is a freshman at The University of Saint Mary studying Digital Communications and Broadcast Journalism