Taking a stroll through the cafeteria you will see the students at the University of Saint Mary munching on food of all kinds. Spires scan their cards and grab a plate. Some foods that are available rituals that students can rely on having, others rotate from month to month. All students have their opinions of the cafeteria, but they tend to find something pleasing to eat.

The infographic accompanying this article shows the breakdown of the various foods available in the cafeteria.  You can see that calories vary from high to low between options, certain items being healthier than others. For example, as an entree the best option would be eating a chicken breast on top of a spinach salad with carrots and black olives, which totals at about 251 calories, instead of one slice of pepperoni pizza equaling 495 calories. In comparison, the salad has less calories and more nutrients than a single slice of pizza.


The food options revealed on the infographic are selections that students have daily and rely on to eat. Pepperoni pizza, hamburger patty, grilled chicken, spaghetti and french fries are all options students have daily and usually never change. Along with those choices, there are several more that change daily.

The drink options have students coming back for more, without a doubt. The unlimited refills of Coca Cola products, plus Gatorade take a toll on the machine. The toll can also be seen on the number of calories a student can rack up. Students may not realize that each 12 oz of Cola has 150 calories. With free refills students don’t realize the calories are quickly adding up.

A popular healthy option most students get their veggies from is the salad bar. Students can pick between spinach and green leaf lettuce, then choose from a variety of toppings. Beyond the five toppings listed on the infographic, student have numerous options.

Whether students are looking for a healthy option or some comfort food, the cafeteria has something to please everyone, in moderation.


Melanie Roberts is a Sophomore at the University of Saint Mary majoring in Digital Communications.