By Michael Amado  

“If we don’t break the internet, we failed” previously quoted by Ken Block of the Hoonigan Racing Division.  

This fall, with a surprise release date, Ken Block and the Hoonigan Race Team will be releasing their tenth special; seeing what cars are capable of. Every year or so, Ken Block and his team will release videos to break the internet called “Gymkhana”. This event involves high-skilled drifting around objects, buildings and cities. Some recent locations used during filming include downtown Los Angeles, Highway 24 to Pikes Peak, Universal Studios and various airports.  

Block started his career in rally racing, progressing to becoming the CEO of Hoonigan Race Division. After becoming the co-founder of DC Shoes and sponsored by Monster Energy, an opportunity arose to promote these companies in a new way. The release of videos displaying each of his sponsors in slow motion was thought to be a great idea. The videos have accumulated over 550 million views and should increase before the end of 2018. The tenth special is set to have five different vehicles, including the new 951 horsepower all-wheel drive ‘77 Ford F150.  

 Although the location is unknown as of now, it won’t be a surprise to see the vehicles filmed in popular-historic locations. As the popularity of the videos have risen, the locations get more exotic. The Hoonigans are doing an exclusive called Gymkhana Files on Amazon starting next month as well.  Next month on YouTube, Ken Block will seek to break the internet with the release of Gymkhana TEN.  

You can find Ken Block on YouTube at  

Michael Amado is a Senior at the University of Saint Mary majoring in Digital Communications.