It is getting to be that time of the year where people are getting excited for the holidays. The holidays mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Most college students return home for the beloved Christmas holiday, but what about our military?

Matthew Cheun is an Officer for the United States Marine Corps. He has been in the Marine Corps going on three years and this next Christmas will be his second year away from home. Cheun says, “It’s hard to be away during the holidays, I got so used to always having my family around.”  Cheun stresses how the relationships he has built over the last two years help get him through the holiday season.

For most, the holidays are when the whole family gets to reconnect and spend some special quality time with one another. On the hardest things about being deployed, Chuen says, “Time doesn’t stop, family is getting older and time is passing. You see kids growing up, parents aging and realize how much you miss those special moments.”

Another factor to consider is that although communication is possible between society and the armed forces, if they are on a mission, they are unable to communicate to anyone at home. Stories like these put in perspective how grateful those of us who go home for the holidays should be. Life tends to take us down our own separate paths and it is possible to get pulled into different situations and locations away from family. Things like college or job opportunities can cause separation. If you are going home for the holidays, I encourage you to appreciate all the moments you share and take a moment to appreciate the United States Armed Forces and their sacrifices.

 This article was written by Sienna Brown, a Digital Communications major at The University of Saint Mary.