By Sienna Brown

On Wednesday November 28th, Saint Mary students were invited to have a productive study session in the Keleher Learning Commons. It was called “One Night Against Procrastination” and was the center point of the event. Students worked on assignments that they had pushed back and studied for upcoming tests. The two hour study session was broken up into 25 minute work periods with 5 minute breaks between. Juan Tirado, a student at St. Mary said, “ It was definitely a strategy that I will utilize for studying. In fact, I definitely used the same studying session with my friends recently.”

During the breaks, Librarians Sara Motsinger and Ashley Creek led various stretches and played funny youtube to take students mind of their work for just a little bit. After the students enjoyed the break, they were encouraged to get right back to work. This was the first ever “One Night Against Procrastination” event and there is talk about about making this an end of semester ritual. Students were very productive during the event. There was minimal to no talking, except during the break periods. Sometimes it’s hard to have study sessions with friends because it is easy to get side tracked. This study session was well orchestrated and had all things a studying students needs.

The Keleher Learning Commons is becoming more than just a library. It is becoming a hub where students go to relax and be productive. These type of events will only further encourage students to want to be in the library to see what other helpful support they are offer. Saint Mary has been making a lot of little changes around the school to advance its campus. The Keleher Learning Commons is one of those places that are seeing change and students seem to be taking kindly to it.

This Article was written by Sienna Brown, a digital communication major at The University of Saint Mary.