Picture1.pngBy: Melanie Roberts

Christmas break is approaching and both residence halls, Maria and Berkel will be closed during that time. The Residence Halls close at Noon on Friday, December 14th.  You must be out of the halls by then.  If you are not, you can be fined.

Before leaving for break there is a check out list you must complete with your RA. Sign up with your RA (signup sheets by your RA’s door) at least 24 hours before you need to leave. Roommates do not need to check out together, but all roommates need to schedule a checkout. If you do not check out with your RA, you will be fined.

Do the following to close your room for the break:

  • Unplug all personal appliances
  • Defrost, empty, and unplug personal refrigerators (leave it open so it gets air)
  • Clean room (sweep-not into hallway and mop)
  • Empty the Trash and place in the dumpster
  • Clean bathroom
  • Lower blinds and open them
  • Close and lock all doors and windows
  • Turn off the lights
  • Turn air units to auto (70* and auto in Berkel)

Remember to take any items you may need, as you will not have access to your room or building over the winter break period. Realize you will be gone for 3 weeks and need to pack accordingly. Do not forget to pack clothes and shoes needed, high gene items like deodorant, phone chargers, and medications.

If moving out completely this semester, all items must be out of room before your RA gets there to check out from your room and turn in keys then too.

Residents will have access to the dorms on Sunday, January 6th and earlier times can be step up by contacting RA or dorm director, Kirsten Owlsey.

If there is any questions or concerns regarding the checkout process, you can contact Kristen Owsley at Kristen.owsley@stmary.edu.


Melanie Roberts is a Sophomore at the University of Saint Mary majoring in Digital Communications.