By: Kaila Trowbridge

Students are beginning to feel the stress building up as finals week is fast approaching. They are worried about final grades, last minute papers, and fearing there isn’t enough time in the day to be successful during this hectic week. 

Dr. Christina Dunn Carpenter is the campus counselor and offers support to any student who needs it. She has quite a few tips for students on how to get through finals week and how to take a step back from all of the stress. 

“You have to find time to de escalate,” Carpenter says. “One of the easiest things you can do is breathing, and taking three deep centered breaths.” Carpenter says these deep breaths are key for students, so they can take a step back and recollect themselves. 

All students have their own way of coping with the stress, but it is crucial to not isolate yourself. “We have a lot of faculty and staff that are very supportive and are just a listening ear sometimes, which is what students need sometimes,” Carpenter said. Don’t be afraid to reach out to campus counseling, campus ministry, or someone around campus when needing support. 

There are many different ways that students get themselves through finals week. “I like to keep telling myself it will be over soon and that if I work hard for the next week, it will be worth it when I see my grade,” junior Abigail Gonzales said. The mindset a student has going into finals week is what can make or break their performance. “I make sure to still take time for myself so I am not doing school work 24/7,” junior Camille Reyes said. “I might have a breakdown or two but they help me let out my stress and get back to work.”

There are also many activities going on around campus that can help students take a break from studying and enjoy themselves. The Keleher Learning Commons had offered a “Week of Fun” this week, which includes multiple crafts and activities for students. On Thursday, December 6, student can make their own snow globe, and there will be a wellness skillshop by Dr. Carpenter about not sweating the “big stuff”. Friday will offer students a photo booth and they can make Christmas cards for friends and family. 

There are many aids for students to use around campus that will offer support during this stressful time of the year. Remember to take deep breaths, don’t sweat the big things, and just know that there are tons of people around the University of Saint Mary community who are willing to lend a hand. 

Kaila Trowbridge is a senior at the University of Saint Mary and is studying Digital Communications.