Picture1By Sienna Brown

Pretty much everyone loves the holidays. The holiday season begins in October starting with Halloween and end with Christmas. The months of October, November and December are filled with cold weather, snow days, decorations, festive music and movies. But the major question is, which holiday is the favorite? It should be no real surprise that the majority of the USM campus voted Christmas as their favorite holiday.

Christmas time is filled with so many things to truly enjoy. It is a unique holiday because it’s the only holiday that is combined with lights, music, and more importantly family time. Christmas also means winter break and that is all the more reason for students to be excited about the holiday. The last weeks of the semester are the most stressful because it is crunch time. Your assignment list seems to have grown a mile long and you still have to shovel out enough time to study for finals.

Out of state students have a special excited about this Christmas break because it means family time. Sachem Abernathy, a student at USM says, “ Christmas my favorite holiday but it means a little more this year  because I’ve been away for so long and can’t wait to be with my family.” College is supposed to be fun but ultimately the holiday break is so important for everyone on campus to get that good quality family time.

Aside from family time there are other Christmas favorites that make the list. In a survey I took at The University of Saint Mary found that the top favorite was Christmas Lights. I was surprised but Jaliea Rice, a student at USM says, “ There is nothing like driving through your neighborhood and seeing all the houses decorated.”

Holiday Favorites (FINAL)

Have a good, merry and safe Christmas break USM.

This article was written by Sienna Brown, a digital communications major at The University of Saint Mary.