Leavenworth, KS – Living in Kansas means being exposed to the harsh elements of winter which make it difficult to drive. Schools have closed due to weather in recent weeks, but what about businesses in Leavenworth? Snow days may only apply to the schools in Leavenworth.

Marlon White Uniforms is one example of a business in this county that has not given snow days to their employees. Sandra Anderson is an employee at Marlon White Uniforms and recently chimed in on this topic.

“Our job hasn’t given snow days, they send us messages telling us to get up early enough to deal with the weather conditions,” said Anderson. Most schools in Leavenworth have given their students snow days to ensure that the safety of students and faculty alike. However, in the business world snow storms do not permit a valid excuse to miss work.

What do students have to expect in the business world? Unless you’re a student or teacher you will be expected to show up to work, snow or shine.


Sienna Brown is a senior at The University of Saint Mary studying digital Communications.