By Aerreon Parker

University of Saint Mary men’s wrestlers, Riley Jaramilli, Gabe Blough, Patrick Boulanger, and Logan Bowen will be competing in the National Championship March 1st-2NDand in Des Moines, Iowa. According to documents received from Tyler Scott, sports information and digital media coordinator, these wrestlers qualify based on their individual rankings and other information.

You can see below the USM wrestlers that are ranked.

Player name Ranking Weight class Points
Riley Jaramilli 11th 184 69
Gabe Blough 17th 141 34

Unranked Patrick Bougler will be competing in the 157-pound weight class and Logan Bowen in the 174-pound weight class.

Matches will begin on March 1stand March 2ndat 10am at Jacobson Exhibition Center. You can catch the Spires in action on this feed.

Aerreon Parker is a student at the University of Saint Mary.