By Brooke Mortsolf

The first Fireside Chat with Sister Diane was held on Tuesday, February 19th at 7 p.m. in the Presidential Suite of the Berkel Memorial Stadium. The event was put together by both Sister Diane and Danielle Dion, the vice-president of the Keleher Learning Commons and student affairs. Hot cocoa and cookies were served during the chat.

According to Danielle, the idea of a fireside chat was Sister Diane’s idea. Danielle said that they personally invited the lacrosse team and SGA. She said that they would “definitely do another fireside chat and personally invite two other sports teams or clubs.”

Danielle said at the start of the event, sticky notes were passed out so the students and staff could write down questions to ask Sister Diane. She was “surprised that a lot of the questions were religious questions.” There were questions about how she came to be a sister and about her life growing up. Danielle said that the fireside chat went really well and that she and Sister Diane are excited to host another chat in the future.

Brooke Mortsolf is a junior at the University of Saint Mary and is studying English and Digital Communications.