By Rodney Smith

The Black Student Union held a roller skating night on February 20th. Students of the club coordinated a free roller skating night at Skate City Legends, for students of The University of Saint Mary, allowing students to step away from school and enjoy a night out.

“It was a good turnout, roller skating is always a great time” said Stephon Minix, BSU president. BSU is scheduled to host another Skate night, free of charge, March 18th. BSU has been active with events all semester that are enjoyable for all USM students. They held events such as snowboarding, basketball tournaments, and museum trips, presentations, field trips, etc. So, keep up to date with what may be next from BSU, they’re always surprising students with more activities to do.

Rodney Smith is a senior at The University of Saint Mary majoring in Digital Communications.