The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures students with certain disabilities are given necessary accommodations in classes to complete the course. Students needing certain accommodations due to disabilities have to follow a process stated in the ADA to ensure the best solution is taking place. The process in the ADA is also to make sure that the student with disabilities doesn’t alter the course of the class. If a student needs accommodations during school year you need to follow the required steps.

There are steps a student seeking accommodations must take, one is “required to self-identify with the ARC and make a formal, written request for accommodations” this can be done in person or online. Accommodations are accepted at any time though students are encouraged to do so as early as possible. Even though accommodations are granted, it does not apply retroactively, meaning it cannot be used to retake an exam or redo an assignment.

After a request for accommodations has been made, students are required to provide documentation to determine if the student qualifies for accommodations. Not all requests will be granted because the university is not required to accommodate students if granting the accommodation would fundamentally alter the nature of its programs. During the evaluation request, students and Director of the Academic Resource Center will work together will create a “detailed action plan specifying the measures that will be implemented and the academic support that will be provided”. The University of Saint Mary is committed to working with students needing assistance. For more information, contact the Director of the Academic Resource Center.

Eder Hernandez is a student at the University of Saint Mary studying Business Administration.