Across the nation Class of 2019 Seniors are preparing to graduate from college. This means applying for jobs and trying to find out what exactly the real world will call for. Who better to ask than a Professor that has helped teach hundreds of students. Brian Hughes is a Professor at The University of Saint Mary and has some advice to share with soon-to-be graduates.

“Soft skills are very important. Things such as putting away their cellphones, lessening their addictions to cellular devices. When they get into the real world, they are going to need to be able to be separated from their cell phones during business meetings, job interviews and things of that nature,” said Hughes.

Hughes, like a lot of teachers notice how problematic phones are in the classroom. He mentioned too, “Social skills are absolutely huge; direct eye contact, being able to speak on your feet and being prepared to answer questions about your goals and aspirations.”

The advice seems to be pretty straight forward and solid. Even though cell phones have so much that intrigues the human eye, it is important to remember that there is a time and place with them.

Going into the real world means seeking a profession and like the word suggests, being professional is going to be a very big factor when it comes to leaving The University of Saint Mary.


Sienna Brown is a Senior at The University of Saint Mary studying Digital Communications.