Saint Mary’s Journalism Communication Club is excited to announce that they will be hosting a home run derby on the softball field over the lunch hour on Thursday, March 28th. Baseball fans have been without baseball since October 28thand while Spring Training is underway, it does not hold the same excitement as the start of league play.

According to Sporting News, all 30 teams will play throughout the day. Locally, the Kansas City Royals will host the Chicago White Sox for the first game of a three-game series that weekend. Even if you have different loyalty, everyone is invited to not only attend this event but also represent their team of choice by wearing a jersey, or other gear.

To participate in the derby competition itself, students must sign up ahead of time, on signup sheets outside the school cafeteria or outside the Keleher Learning Commons. At this time, sign up is not limited but due to demand or popularity, it may be cut off to fit within the time restraints of the hour. The sheets will be posted after spring break, on March 18thso interested participants are encouraged to sign up sooner rather than later.

Each competitor will each get a chance to hit. They will hit a baseball from home plate off a tee in a stationary swing. Baseballs and a choice of bats will be provided but participants are welcome to bring their own bat. They will get three swings and the ones that are most successful in clearing the fence in fair territory, will go on to the next round. It will work in a knockout format until a winner is selected. Gift cards and coupons will be handed out for top finishers.

Sophomore JCOM Secretary, Melanie Roberts, said, “I am really excited about this event being a part of JCOM and a softball player. I am looking forward to seeing people who believe this softball fence will be a breeze to hit over and how much harder it will be than they think. I love MLB opening day and I think this gives college students an opportunity to experience the event without making it to a game.”

Even if you do not want to show off your baseball swing, there are still going to be pieces of this event for you. Ballpark snacks will be available such as cracker jacks and a tentative barbecue. Plan on paying a small fee if you would like to buy hot dogs, nachos or other provided snacks. The stands will be open for anyone who would like to watch the competition. This day is about celebrating the start of a new season and bringing ball fans all around campus together in festivity. Judging will be done by JCOM members.

Keep an eye on JCOM social media via the Facebook page, @USM_JCOM on Twitter and usm_jcom on Instagram, for additional information or possible rain out announcements closer to the date.

Paige Siewert is a Senior at the University of Saint Mary studying Digital Communications.