Today begins one of the biggest, most broadcast tournaments in the U.S. March Madness is here and everyone’s looking forward to an exciting battle between the top schools. A thrilling basketball event like no other, March madness brings brackets and fantasy leagues.

The whole world joins leagues and groups competing with one another for the best brackets. The NCAA National tournament is to be played in U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Brackets can win you thousands or even millions of dollars depending on how well your bracket does. The perfect bracket can win you the many prizes you could dream of and all because of a fun fantasy game.

For help on your brackets and how to beat your friends with ease, visit any bracketology websites and get the guidance you need to standout.  Winning and picking the perfect bracket won’t be easy and that’s what keeps everyone’s adrenaline ready for more. Tune in to any sports channels to catch the first rounds of games being played beginning at 11:15am. Do you have what it takes to win? Get your bracket going now!

Rodney Smith is a senior at the University of Saint Mary & is majoring in digital communications