By Kaila Trowbridge

LEAVENWORTH, Kansas.– The University of Saint Mary offers flexible meal plans to students both on and off campus. There are many different plans and price points that can fit the needs of all students. 

There are “block meal plans,” which give students 5, 7, 14, or 20 meals per week. The block meal plans are more common for students that live on campus, but are open to all students. The 5-block and 7-block meal plans also give students $100 in Campus Cash. Campus Cash can be spent on merchandise in the Spirit Shop and in the Cafeteria. 

Freshmen that are living on campus are automatically given the 20- block meal plan, but after the first year, students are given a choice as to which plan they want. “I like getting to choose my meal plan because I never really used all 20 meals during the week since I played sports and was always so busy,” junior Hailey Reece said. 

Commuters that are just looking for a meal here and there are more likely to choose the option of 25 meals for $170 or 50 meals for $330. The price of the meal plans can be paid in full or added to a student’s account. According to Danielle Dion, Vice President for Keleher Learning Commons & Student Development, there have been 24 commuters sign up for a meal plan this year, and most of them chose the 5-block meal plan.

“I commute to school every day and didn’t know commuters were able to purchase a smaller meal plan,” student Maddi Carr said. “I like that there is an option for just 25 meals a semester because there are days where I don’t bring lunch and don’t have time to go get food.

The Saint Joseph Dining Hall also allows people to purchase a single meal. This is helpful if a student is ever out of meals for the week or if there is a visitor. 

For more information on the meal plans offered at USM, contact Student Development Operations Coordinator Julene Jennings at or 913-758-6120. 

Kaila Trowbridge is a senior at the University of Saint Mary and is studying Digital Communications.