By: Melanie Roberts

The University of Saint Mary is excited to have students back on campus, especially to have students studying in the newly renovated Keleher Learning Commons that used to be known as the DePaul Library. This past summer the KLC renovation was in full motion to get it finished before the 2019-2020 school year!

For first-year students at the University of Saint Mary, this renovation is just a new space to study, but for returning students, the KLC renovation is something they have all been waiting for. Abby Gonzales, a senior stated, “The renovation was well overdue and I’m happy to have a welcoming and new place I can conformably study in my last year at Saint Mary.”

The floor space of the KLC has transformed into a welcoming environment with additional functional tables and modern comfortable chairs. The new addition students are already taking advantage of, are the individual and group study rooms that surround the walls of the space. Another popular feature students are relaxing and hanging out in between classes are the brand new hammocks.

Maddie Barron, a junior expressed “The KLC renovation has allowed students to have private study space in the study rooms, much more comfortable seating, and relaxing spaces with charming hammocks. The only drawback is the unfinished coffee shop that is distracting with the construction sounds.”

Unfortunately, the construction of the coffee shop is at the entrance of the KLC and is one main part that is not finished due to the short time restriction of the renovation. The Spire Cup coffee shop is estimated to be finished by November.

Besides the main level of the KLC having new additions, the upstairs has a few revamps as well. USM now features its very own Lincoln special collection exhibit.

The grand opening is planned to be on November 10th and all are welcome to gather to celebrate the newly renovated space on campus.

To learn more about the Keleher Learning Commons, visit the university’s website,

Melanie Roberts is a senior at the University of Saint Mary and majoring in Digital Communications.