Having your materials for classes, can mean many different things. You can have your books and a pencil ready for notes. Or you can have a full pharmacy all in your backpack. Being ready for any sanrio, can be helpful for any student, especially a busy one. Anything can happen during the school day. If you live off campus like some, it is important to carry everything you need, in your backpack, just incase things happen.

Sometimes you won’t have time to go home between classes, to get ibuprofen for a headache or emergency vitamin C for that tickle in your throat. When you are making your personalized kit, for your backpack. You need to figure out what things you might need for any sanio. If you get a cold, it could be helpful to have cough drops or vitamin C packets to put in your water. It is critical to get over that cold so you don’t miss class.

Student Alexadra Stoll says she never leaves home without her “germ x , wet wipes and chapstick.” This is for her to be most successful as a student. Other students who are athletes may benefit from Ibuprofen if they have muscle aches. Student Kaila Trwobridge always comes prepared with fingernail clippers in case of a hangnail. Others perhaps would like to have allergy medicine for when the weather is causing your allergies to heighten. You never know when things might go down a different path then you were expecting.

Students use their laptops throughout the day as well as are on their phones a lot so It can be convenient to carry a computer charger as well as a phone charger especially if you will be on campus all day and don’t have time to go home in between classes and practice. Overall it is up to you to figure out your routine throughout the day and what things might make your days as a student a little simpler. Being able to not be sick and keep you electronics charged can save you some frustration.

Ramie Churchill student at The University of Saint Mary studying Digital Communications