By: Mel Roberts

Finding love can be an unexpected amount of emotions and without a doubt, Bachelor in Paradise was a dramatic heartfelt season. The season finale ending with three engagements, we saw Hannah and Dylan, Demi and Kristian, and Chris and Katie get engaged on the beach. 

This season created history, as Demi Burnett went into the show interested in finding love and shortly found a connection with Derek Peth. Demi started to question her feelings with Derek and had someone in the back of her head she was thinking about. Demi expressed she was interested in a woman from back home and was struggling to figure out what she wanted without the woman in Mexico. The second time in the history of paradise, a never seen                                                                                                                                                                                                                         before contest arrives at paradise. Kristian Haggerty came to paradise for Demi and the rest is history. The two got engaged in the Season Finale.  This couple introduced the first same-sex proposal in the history of The Bachelor. 

A devoted super fan of The Bachelor reflects on her feelings of Season six of Bachelor in Paradise, Maddie Barron said “This season was crazy and full of drama just like every season of a bachelor show. One thing that stood out to me was the incorporation of diversity and I enjoyed seeing the show embrace a same-sex relationship.”

It took Hannah Godwin a bit to figure out exactly what she wanted due to the distractions of other men on the island. Quickly, Dylan Barbour made it clear that he was only at paradise for Hannah. This couple was a fan favorite and had an unbelievable connection. The engagement for these two was expected and their love for each other remains resilient.

Chris Bukowski a familiar face of The Bachelor nation is hunting searching for love again. Chris explored his options at the beginning of the season but eventually settled down with Katie Morton. Falling in love with each other and Chris putting a ring on it with Katie on the final episode. Although, they seemed happy in love at the final rose ceremony. During the tell-all segment, Katie expresses how Chris is not reciprocating the same amount of love that she gives him. Bachelor nation awaits to see if this couple withstands their relationship and grow past their current struggles of love. 

Blake Horstmann without a doubt had a reputation in paradise. Blake was wrapped up in every ounce of drama, starting before paradise at Stagecoach where he hooked up with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and then later visiting Hannah Godwin. All his decisions carried into paradise which led to  Blake never finding love in paradise. Blake got put on the hot seat for all his mistakes this season in the paradise and eventually apologized for ruining the experience of paradise for other people. 

Contestants sure did fight for a strong relationship, literally, Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada fought over a piñata. Christian set up a piñata to impress the hot commodity Nicole Lopez-Alvar. Nicole had three men interested in her at this point of the season. Jordan decided to ruin Christian romantic alone time with Nicole by stealing the piñata, that quickly escalated into a brawl. Both men where kick off the show due to a no fighting policy. Jordan and Christian leaving led to Clay Harbor forming a relationship that lasted the rest of the season with Nicole. That was until the season finale, Clay expressed his level of connection with Nicole was not meeting her connection of being in love with him. Nicole ended the relationship, declaring, “That’s it, Clay, I’m sorry… I can’t tell people that we’re together knowing that you don’t love me back.” That was the end for Nicole and Clay. 

Bachelor in Paradise started with relationships that were taken to the next level an engagement. The drama never ends for Bachelor Nation. The announcement of the new Bachelor was released on the final episode of season six Bachelor in Paradise, get ready for another season of the Bachelor with Peter Weber. 

Picture taken from TV Insider.

Melanie Roberts is a senior at the University of Saint Mary and majoring in Digital Communications.