By: Ramie Churchill

The Jonas Brothers started in 2005 and gained popularity from being on The Disney Channel and having the hit TV show Jonas. But they broke up in 2013. This was initiated by Nick Jonas, who wanted to broaden his experience and eventually went on to do Broadway. He was in the musical Le Miserable. After they split, Kevin ended up getting married and starting a family followed later by the rest of the brothers.

September 22nd at 7:30 pm, located at the sprint center, the concert began. To start, the opener for the Jonas Brothers, was Jordan McGraw and Bebe Rexha. The Jonas Brothers areKevin Jonas (oldest), Joe Jonas(middle), and Nick Jonas (youngest) ​and they have a younger 4th brother not in the band. The concert had both their old songs and new songs. There was a mix of ages at the show from when they were first a band and then after they got back together again. It was a diverse group.

They started off with the song Rollercoaster which is one of their newest hits. Next they played S.O.S which is one of their original hits. They would go back and forth between old and new, to make sure they would always have the crowd hyped. The openers were not as well known as the Jonas Brothers. So it was pretty low key, but once the boys came on stage things changed. Nick Jonas even went to the Chiefs game earlier that day and Patrick Mahomes made appearances throughout the night at the concert as well. They kept mentioning how they wanted to make it a big party.

The guys really wanted everyone to have a good time, they truly catered to the audience and did a good job of anticipating what the audience needed. They had all the original music for all the original Jonas Brother fans from 2005 that are the older generation. Then they played their new album to cater to the younger generation and their new fans. They had something for everybody. Overall it was a great concert where I got to hear some new music from artists I have never heard of. As well as be taken back to the best parts of my childhood.

Seeing them together again was something I thoroughly enjoyed. They kept saying thank you for supporting them and that they never thought they would make it back together again. Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas both went off as individual artist when the band broke up and they also sung there hit songs by themselves as well. It was a nice timeline to see how they and the band has grown over time. They are a great band and if they come on tour again I recommend you go.

Ramie Churchill is studying Digital Communications at the University of Saint Mary.