By: Kaila Trowbridge

For those who love sushi, there is a new restaurant that offers a fast, delicious, and creative way to enjoy this dish. Komotodo Sushi Burrito is an Asian and Latin cuisine restaurant that serves sushi burritos, bowls, salads, sides, and even desserts. It is located in Overland Park, and is open from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. every day of the week. The place was very clean and had a modern feel to it. There was also a space where you can watch them make your food, which was interesting to see since I had never had a sushi burrito before. 

When I went, I got a #5 Fiery Crunch Sushi Burrito, which has rice, tempura shrimp, surimi crab, cabbage, cucumber, avocado, carrots, jalapenos, onion flakes, and their signature spicy teriyaki sauce. I also got an appetizer of their world famous avocado fries. I was more than impressed with both of my choices. The burrito had a good amount of the shrimp and crab and had an even mix of the other ingredients, which made for a flavorful bite every time. The avocado fries were basically deep-fried avocado slices with a crispy outside and a soft avocado inside that almost melted in your mouth. 

The service was also very good. The workers were very patient while deciding which burrito to order, and even made suggestions based on the most popular choices made by newcomers. They also allow you to make substitutions in the burritos, so if there is an ingredient you do not like you can swap it out for something else. After ordering, our food was ready in less than five minutes, which was impressive because there were quite a few people there. They also invited me to sign up for their rewards program, where after you get a free entree after buying 10 entrees.

Overall, I had a great experience trying something new. For those who love sushi, this is a place you have got to try. I plan on returning here in the near future to try more things on their menu. 

Kaila Trowbridge is a senior at the University of Saint Mary and is studying Digital Communications.