By: Charlis Vega

Money. That green, small, stiff paper that everyone wants in their bank accounts.  Most coaches support their athlete’s dreams and aspirations with money, by getting them new gear and equipment and taking them to events that will help with their performance. So how do USM sports teams get more of it outside of the school’s funding for new gear and going on trips for meets, games, and tournaments? Coaches set up their sports teams participating in fundraising by working sporting events for local teams, such as working security at Chiefs games or Sporting KC for the football and soccer teams. Most teams at USM are relatively large and because of this when working these fundraisers they produce a good amount of money. For example, working a Sporting KC event one athlete earns up to $100 to buy new things for their season or the trips they go on.


Yet if an athlete fails to show up to a fundraiser they must participate in another fundraiser to make up for it or they have to pay $100 for their non-participation. USM wrestling has already worked three Sporting KC events for soccer and David Hunter states, “I worked the VIP section and had to make sure that people who entered had their credentials and I worked that spot the whole game.” Most athletes who work these events, get to the event at 2pm to sign in and get assigned a job, either working gates, sitting around the sidelines to make sure no one runs on the field or working in the locker rooms making sure no one interferes with the teams. Although the athletes show up early to participate in the fundraiser the game starts at 6:30 pm and ends around 9:30pm. Not only do students raise money for their teams but they also gain experience working so they can put on their resumes. These fundraisers are also a good way for team bonding by working with a teammate for several hours getting to know them.

Charlis Vega is a freshman at the University of Saint Mary and is studying English.