By: Tommy QuinnPicture2

Since school has begun in late August some have taken notice of the new signs up all over school to help visitors and first-time students get around our campus with ease. One thing that is challenging as a new student at any school is getting to know the la of the land and how to get around. Now the more recently built facilities are a bit easier to identify and have big labels on them, like McGilley field house or Berkle Hall. The older buildings, on the other hand, are not labeled as well like Xavier hall and it can take some time to figure out, even for the directionally gifted.

Over this past summer, the university has worked at strategically putting up signs like these all over campus to help people get around. They stand out with big bold lettering and bright colors. Soon items and markers inside these buildings will be color-coded to the color below each name.

Tommy Quinn is a junior at the University of Saint Mary and is studying Digital Communications.