By: Tommy Quinn


Living in the dorms at a four-year institution is a coming of age for almost all students. Most colleges require all first-year students to spend at least one year living on campus. This means there is an abundance of kids fresh out of high school with no parental supervision all living together. With these factors sometimes things can get crazy in college dorms and providing proper living conditions and keeping kids healthy is a must. This weekend an unknown resident of Maria hall had vomited in the elevator and had taken the entire weekend to be cleaned up.

Other older residents sometimes struggle dealing with dirty conditions around the dorms. One resident Heath Southwick says, “it can get hectic at times with all the people who live in the dorms, and some rooms look absolutely disgusting”. To combat this the school could put campus residents through a mandatory hygiene and wellness seminar prior to moving in. By doing this we can make sure that students are at least a little educated on hygiene, along with giving parents closure that their kids will not be living in improper conditions.

Tommy Quinn is a junior at the University of Saint Mary and is studying Digital Communications.