By: Ryan Rucker

Picture331.pngMadden 20 is this the newest edition of the Madden lineage. For those who don’t know Madden is an NFL video game, played on all consoles from PC to Xbox to Ps4. According to gameinformer, a very popular video game magazine, “Madden 20’s gameplay makes a decent first impression. Controlling players in the running game and out in the open feels nice. Both smaller movements with the left stick and gregarious special moves let you weave around and assert your authority.” There are tons of new features such as QB1 mode which allows the player to play as if he is back in the college football playoff combined with Longshot mode which was featured the previous edition, Madden 19. The coolest new edition to the game is the new superstar X-factor, which multiplies a player’s ability at a specific position. Playing on the football team you hear a lot of trash being talked about who is the king of Madden. So if you think you are the ultimate Madden player, the first-floor lounge in Maria any time after 6pm.

Ryan Rucker is a junior at the University of Saint Mary and is studying Digital Communications.