By: Bryan Gudka

Millions of college kids every year decide to leave one college and enroll in another. There is a variety of reasons, to get closer to home, didn’t like the previous school, or in some cases to further their educational journey. As you look around Saint Mary, we are a community filled with transfer students Most of them being JUCO transfers. A JUCO transfer is a person who previously went to a two-year school so to further their education they must transfer to a 4-year institution. Tommy Quinn a JUCO transfer student said, “deciding to transfer to USM was the best decision of my life, I can now count on my friends as if they were family.”


Pictured above are two different transfer students. Zach Romano and Oliver Pate, both have taken different paths to get to USM. Zach is a JUCO transfer while Oliver transferred from a division 2 school in Oklahoma.

This is the majority of transfers but not all transfer students. I myself am part of that other part of transfer students. Coming to Saint Mary was a breath of fresh air. It first off brought me a little closer to home and secondly, it just is finally a place that feels like a home away from home. This is what every kid wants in their college experience. A place they can feel proud to attend and a sensation of home, while at the end of the day there are millions of transfer students across the country every year. Most move on to places like USM. A place where they can call home for the rest of their academic careers.

Byran Gudka is a junior at the University of Saint Mary and is studying Digital Communications and Sports Management.