May 5th, 2020

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Clayton Steward

Digital Communications Major


COVID-19 in Henry County


In Henry County, Missouri there have been eight confirmed cases of COVID-19. The first, and only death in Henry county was a 70 year-old Navy Veteran and Henry County Democratic Party Leader, Al Grimes. Grimes was very well respected and loved by many in the community. Democrats from the entire west-central Missouri region also showed their condolences for the loss of a ‘good man’.


Grimes was originally held in the Golden Valley Memorial Hospital but was not tested and diagnosed until he was transferred to a Kansas Hospital. “Golden Valley Memorial Hospital is being placed on diversion for emergency services and has been advised to not admit new patients,” the Department of Health and Senior Services announced after Grimes’ positive COVID-19 diagnosis.


GVMH is the only hospital in Clinton, Missouri and one of the larger hospitals in the area.