The double doors in Maria Hall have broken once again. This is the latest of a series of problems that have happened to the doors. It is unknown exactly what is wrong with the, entries, which is why they can’t fix the doors.

The Resident Life Graduate Assistant, Megan Dougherty, stated, “ they are not sure what is causing the doors to do this. they were not quite sure if it was an issue with the door itself or with the card reader.” 

The doors being broken causes several problems. One of the big issues with the door is it poses a security threat. With the doors not being able to open, many students prop the doors open with chairs so they can get back in quickly without walking all the way around to the other doors.

“Another problem caused by the door not working is it leads to students placing objects in front of the doors to prop them open for access to the halls. And this is problematic because is a major safety violation,” said Dougherty.

It also causes an inconvenience for many people. Instead of going in through the double doors students now have to walk around to the other door. It also causes an inconvenience for people working in the offices.

 “When the door does not work it causes a minor inconvenience for the students as they then must walk around to get into the halls. it also causes frustrations with us in the office because we can hear people constantly trying to open the door, and if we want to be able to get stuff done, we cannot just get up and open the door every time that occurs,” stated Dougherty.

Chris Huslig is a Digital Communications major at the University of Saint Mary. He joined JCOM in 2020.