Diego Lucas is a student athlete from a small city called Pordenone, Italy.  He chose to attend the University of St. Mary for basketball and a degree in Cyber Security.  Lucas says basketball in Italy is a lot more static and slower, teams like to slow down the game and execute plays.  Playing in the states is more fun for him, due to the faster pace of the game and players are more physical and athletic. 

Lucas says his parents are “very cool” and supportive of him. His parents, Ricky and Anna, live in Italy and are staying safe from the pandemic. His dad is an academic advisor and professor for University of Maryland in Europe.  Mr. Lucas used to be a basketball coach and won 3 championships. Anna, his mom, works in a café, and always has a smile on her face. Her hobbies include reading. Lucas says his relationship and bond is very strong with his mom. 

“She is always there to support me,” Lucas states.  “They are my everything and I can’t wait to see them this summer.”

Lucas describes playing for Coach Brown as “awesome.”  There is nothing better than for an athlete who has a coach who trusts him, according to Lucas. He has a good relationship with ‘Breezy,’ his nickname for his head coach. 

“He is a great coach and knows how to get everyone involved in the game with his passion,” Lucas said. “Brown is always ready to go to war with his team day in and day out.  When the game is on the line, he will come up with clutch plays to win the game.” 

Lucas describes his daily routine as working, studying, and laughing with everyone on his team at practice.  He says everyone on his team are his brothers and favorites.  His everyday goal is to make each one of his teammates better.  Basketball is what he does best and it keeps a smile on his face. 

Kaylin Brown is a Digital Communications student and joined Spire-Times in 2021.