The Covid-19 pandemic has been moving across the world for over a year now and it still feels like we as a society do not have a very good grasp on the situation. Since the development of the vaccine many have had speculative thoughts about it like the side effects and rushed process that this shot was pushed through. Since it has been released states have been working hard to get the vaccine to everyone who wants it. What is ahead of us is the long process of administering the shot state wide, the infographic above will look at 4 states that are similar in population size, and how effective they have been at administering their vaccines. It looks at things like administered vaccines compared to ones that were distributed or the amount of citizens with one or both of the shots. Then what phase each state is in and their progress made.

This information can be seen as hard to unpack or intimidating due to the high quantity of numbers. What people need to know is that these numbers can be used as security. Most of the numbers we have seen from Covid-19 have caused panic and disarray. These statistics on the other hand show us the light at the end of the tunnel, physical numbers that are telling us all the time spent in quarantine and social distancing was worth it. States like Mississippi and Arkansas have seen close to a ten percent increase of total vaccinations in just ten days. This is great pace for these states and it is once again comforting to know the proper steps are being taken. The progress made in just a year is something to be proud of. Last year we were talking about the soaring cases of Covid-19 and society was shutting down, now we can cheer and rejoice that vaccine numbers are soaring and life is returning to normal.       

The states used in this comparison were Kansas, Utah, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The progress being made in all states was remarkable. The reason behind this study is to see not only how fast the public is going to receive the vaccine but also to kind of see how fast states could have everyone who wants a vaccine, vaccinated. We know that there are some people who will just not get the vaccine if they can or not. Those people have been excluded from this observation because of that reason. With this information we can see that these states are on great pace to vaccinate everyone who wants it. As for now all the public can do is keep social distancing and wearing our masks until the time is safe and right to go back to normal. 

Tommy Quinn is a senior studying Digital Communications at the University of Saint Mary. He is an editor for the Spire Times and is also the president of the JCOM Club.