Ginny&Georgia is a top-rated show on the streaming platform Netflix and According to Forbes “Ginny & Georgia sits atop the Top 10 rankings once again today, making Saturday its ninth consecutive day in the first place. While six other programs have seen at least seven straight days in the #1 position so far this year, Ginny & Georgia is the first to stretch beyond that number”

It speaks about racial inequality from a mixed young girl who has moved around her whole life and hasn’t really been able to find herself and find out where she best fits in she begins to make a connection with people and from those connections. when things turn for the worst then their real opinion of her shows and this tv show does a good job of just putting the audience in her shoes and making us really sympathize with her.

Her mother Georgia has been through a lot and they do a good job of putting key important moments in her life and relating them to ginny is a young girl in high school and she is experiencing things that she never experienced and she grows older she starters to wonder about her mother and why she is so secretive with her,

She feels like she is entitled to know these things and then at one point she finds something out about her mom and then she begins to understand her mom and why she is always with these different men and she starts to second guess if her mother is safe to be around her because she is on the outside looking in. the show is predicted to come out with a season two,  February 2022. highly recommend show, you can watch on Netflix, currently, that’s the only platform to watch it on.

Donel Jack is a freshman and a communications major at the University of Saint Mary and competes in track and field at the institution.