Stranger Things season 3 was a great success. The whole franchise itself has made its name one
of the most iconic Netflix originals the platform offers. Symphony Advanced Media Ratings
reveal that the “first eight episodes of Stranger Things make up the third most-watched season of
a Netflix original series to debut in the last year. Within its first 35 days on the streaming service,
the supernatural drama averaged 14.07 million adults 18-49.”
Season three is no head-scratcher. When you get done watching, it leaves you wanting more, and
the writers do an excellent job of keeping people thinking about the show afterward because of
how the writers keep things so mysterious in season three. A student on campus who wants to
keep their identity classified said, “Stranger Things is a unique Netflix original, and I am just
happy that the show implements good vital factors that viewers like myself. For example, the
quality of the show these are all things that viewers love like my self.”
You will find a young Eleven grow up in front of our eyes. She is begging to find herself and
understand who she is as a woman, and as most may know, she is dating Fin. Eleven has been
living with hopper for some time, so he has difficulty adjusting to teenagers’ things. All he wants
is to keep her safe. Furthermore, they finally come in contact with queen Demogorgon, and it is
up to Eleven to take it down. Together they find a way to work together and take it down, and
through all of this, Eleven has lost some influential people from the Demogorgons. However, she
is still growing and learning, and as each season takes place, they show how Eleven has
gradually grown up and has learned to love.
Next season, we will only see her grow up even more, and season 4 is highly anticipated. It may
be the season finally or not. The public is still unsure. Season three of stranger things is a highly
recommended show. And if you have not already watched, you should. Stranger things is a great
show and is engraved as one of the most legendary Netflix originals to come out in my time era.

Donel Jack is a freshman and a communications major at the University of Saint Mary and
competes in track and field at the institution.