Looking for a place to go to settle down for a nice breakfast with the family or even brunch with the boys. Look no further than James Diner in Leavenworth. Located off 10th avenue and Pennsylvania street. James has a very diverse menu, from biscuits and gravy to a chicken bacon sandwich. Going into James, I knew it was a new establishment to Leavenworth and didn’t know what to expect. 

To get a better idea of the food diversity, I ordered a few different items. This first entrée I tasted was their buffalo chicken wings. They had a nice homestyle breading that crunched as soon as it hit your mouth. The sauce on the wings was a very smooth traditional buffalo sauce. This was by far the best entrée that I tasted. The next hot meal that I tried was the bacon chicken sandwich. This sandwich was topped with tomato, lettuce, and pickles. Melted cheese was placed on top of the chicken breast to cap off the meal. It was also served with fries and the fries were breaded excellently and double fried. Moving to the third entrée I tasted, it was a meal called the hash stack. The hash stack was a breakfast dish and it included hash browns, sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese, eggs, all topped with hot country gravy. This meal had all the components of a typical breakfast item. It was put together very easy and sometimes the simpler the better food can be. Just when I thought my tasting was done, I remembered that when I walked into the restaurant, they had a cooler full of pies. I sampled the apple pie and coconut cream pier. I am big on warm apple pie and they served there’s cold so while I wasn’t a fan of that pie much, I enjoyed the coconut cream pie. It The crusty was a perfect complement to the coconut filling that was inside the pie. It made my mouth water with every bite and was delicious. 

Overall, my final opinion about James Diner is that it has one of the most diverse menus in the Leavenworth area and is now a top option for me when debating where I want to go for breakfast or brunch. The bacon chicken sandwich, wings, hash stack, and pies all brought something new to the table for everyone with different pallets to enjoy. 

Bryan Gudka is a Sports management major with an emphasis in Digital Communications at the University of Saint Mary. Joining JCOMM in 2018, Bryan is also involved with the football program at USM.