This is disclaimer that this article is for students who are 21 and over.

       Johnny Kaws is a bar/nightclub that has great drinks and music. The atmosphere is very electric and vibrant. Johnny Kaws first opened in Manhattan Kansas in 2007. It quickly gained popularity throughout the state and eventually opened up a popular spot in Westport, Kansas City.  A couple of my teammates decided to check it out and I heard good things. So, I decided to go see for myself.

            When we first got down to Westport there were a lot of people, multiple clubs and bars, a variety of food trucks and a lot of police officers. The line for Johnny Kaws was long but it moved extremely quick. We got to the front of the line, that’s when we saw all the security. They run a tight ship, check IDs and early pat you down.  COVID-19 protocols are strictly enforced. There is table seating and you can only sit with the people you came with. 

           My roommates and I went on a Thursday, which was college night or dollar drink night. All basic drinks are one dollar until 12 AM. Vodka Cranberry and Vodka and Sprite are each one dollar. If you want a specialy drink you will have to pay regular price. The music there is pretty broad. They play every genre of music from rock, to country, to R&B and hip-hop. If you are in a relationship this is not the place for you. This is primarily a singles bar. It is definitely a lot of beautiful women there for the fellas and plenty of guys for the ladies. The bartenders there are really chill and do an excellent job of keeping order at the bar. 

       If Johnny Kaws sounds like a place you and your friends would like to go then you should give it a shot. The bar is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from eight a.m to three a.m..504 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 6411. 816-326-3640.

Ryan Rucker is Digital Communications major at the University of Saint Mary.