Coach Taylor Calvert has spent many years here at the University of Saint Mary. Coach Calvert is the new offensive coordinator for USM’s football team. He is originally from Las Angeles, California, and moved to Leavenworth to attend the University of Saint Mary back in 2004 as a student-athlete. The main reason he decided to come to USM because it felt like home to him. When asked what brought him to USM, Coach Calvert had this to say,

            “I was at a point in my life when I was ready to make a change. I came out to a visit to USM in 2004 and had a talk with Coach Hinson and knew this is where I wanted to be here. The slow tempo and the personal effect they had for us was like a family atmosphere from the jump.”

            Coach Calvert played for USM’s football team in 2005, redshirted in 2006, and played his final season for USM’s football team in 2007. While here, he majored in business and sports management. He then stuck around at USM for a few more years.

            “I did some volunteer assisting with the football staff till I was offered the graduate assistant spot. I got my master’s here as well in education. So I was able to get an education by coaching here.” Coach Calvert states

            After Coach Calvert received his masters, he and his wife decided it was time to move on in their careers and moved to Colorado. There were many reasons for him deciding on this move to Colorado.

            “I was ready to take my shot at running my own program. We moved to Denver. I was the head football coach at a couple different schools.” Coach Calvert states

            Coach Calvert spent a few years after college in Denver. He was a coach for different teams, and he was teaching students also. He decided that teaching wasn’t his passion and decided he needed another change in his life and came back to USM. He expands on what brought him back.

            “This school talks a lot about following your passion. I was working an eight, nine, ten-hour job and waiting for football. I decided I wanted to do football full time, and this job opened up, so I couldn’t think of a better way to kick start my college coaching career.”

            Coach Calvert looks to turn around the USM football team and get them back on the path they were on back when he was here as an athlete and coach.

Dylan McCarthy, a football player and student here at USM, sees the changes coach Calvert is making on the USM football team.

            “We are definitely progressing. He makes sure we are doing our reps with our best effort. When someone does something good, he builds them up.” McCarthy states

            When talking about Coach Calvert, Mccarthy sees Coach Calvert as an excellent addition to the USM football team.

            “Well, he definitely brings a sense of urgency and intensity. He challenges us to get better both on the clock and our own time.”

            Coach Calvert is excited to be back to the University of Saint Mary and coach our offensive teams. The spires are currently done for the year but will pick up playing games next fall.

Chris Huslig is a freshmen digital communications student at the University of Saint Mary and joined JCOM in 2021.