The University of St Mary is stretching and preparing for what should be an extremely physical, competitive, fast paced football scrimmage. This Saturday at 10:30am  the University of St Mary is hosting Spire’s 2021 Spring game. The game will be a played between the defense and the offense. The USM football team has been on a losing streak for the past couple of years. Head coach Lance Hinson, along with a devoted coaching staff, is determined to coach the team to the top. 

    Hennessy Thomas, starting outside linebacker and captain of defense said, “I am really excited for the spring game as well as the team’s future. You can tell no one on this team likes to lose it is going to be very competitive.” This is the kind of energy that the Spires are going to need in order to turn the team around. Domingo Dahn, who plays wide receiver said, “I really like the new offense as well as the new offensive coaches. The offense is up-tempo and high scoring and is designed to put up a lot of points.” 

     This Saturday is the spring game and all students, faculty and staff are invited to attend. Let the football team showcase what they have been working on. Things are headed in the right direction and fast.

Ryan Rucker is a Digital Communications major at the University of St Mary.