Texas Governor Greg Abbott has lifted the mask mandate that will start on March 10th. He has decided to lift the mask mandate since COVID-19 hospitalizations and numbers are falling. The month of February has had the lowest number of cases since October. Students from the University of Saint Mary who are from Texas has mixed emotions about what is going on. 

“I honestly think that Greg Abbott has lost his mind, he’s putting people at risk, but hey it’s their life and they can choose to wear the mask or not” Says Jasmine. Another student said “It really doesn’t matter to me since I do not like wearing masks anyway. People just need to continue to take precautions.” Since Texas will be lifting the mask mandate many states will soon follow them. Texas has the 3rd most COVID cases but, contains 2/3 of the United States population. President Biden believes that Texas has made “a big mistake” with how they are handling the mask situation. Majority of students who attend the University of Saint Mary are out of state. With Texas lifting their mask mandates and states following behind, this decision will impact many students.

Jerrica Johnson is a digital communications major at the University of Saint Mary.