Coming back from a difficult pandemic, the new normal at the University of Saint Mary has finally begun to shift. Day by day, the USM community has started to change from the normality of the pandemic costumes. Sisters can finally be involved in campus activities and enjoy being around students. Life on campus is closer than ever. 

The appearance of Dawn at the University of Saint Mary

During the spring semester of 2020, students were asked to leave campus, and classes were shifted to online classes, everyone was to embark on a new lifestyle to prevent the spread of a deadly disease we had no idea of, COVID-19. Who knew that this would change the way of life and normality? Soon we became overwhelmed with technology that kept us distanced and safe. With masks that kept us reserved and secure. Sisters were separated from the students and were asked to stay in The Mother House. 

After three years of the pandemic, has everything remained the same? We can all agree that today does not look nor feel the same as the world we lived in pre-pandemic; however, many things are starting to change as the pandemic continues to decrease in numbers and severity. Nowadays, you will not be exempt from stares if you sneeze or cough in enclosed spaces, but we no longer have to avoid these enclosed spaces. At USM today, classes are not socially distanced, and we no longer have to wear masks. On campus, events are bigger and more engaging, with plenty of chances to socialize and make new connections. Faculty and staff can now breathe freely without fearing for their immune systems health. Sisters are now able to enjoy what they have worked for and be involved in their community. Now, sitting at a somewhat away place from the pandemic, campus reality is beginning to shift from the COVID-19 normal, and we missed it more than ever.