LEAVENWORTHThe University of Saint Mary JCOM (Journalism Communications Club) elected new officers at a meeting on Wednesday, April 26, 2023. The club is going on its 7th year of being active on campus.

The club met for two hours while casting votes and eating lunch from the local restaurant La Carreta. Christopher Huslig was elected president, Carlie Gregg was elected vice president, Blake Chadwick was elected treasurer, and Kate Havner was elected secretary.

Huslig was treasurer in 2021 and has now moved up to president. “The chance to take part in events and getting everything ready, squared away, and running smoothly is what I’m looking forward to most,” said Huslig.

Current President and senior Michael Strube has some insight on what being president of the club entails, “I learned that everything isn’t as easy as it seems. It does take a lot more work than what it looks like, even if it is a small event.”

Dr. Laveda Peterlin has been the club advisor for all 6 years and is hopeful for the upcoming year of JCOM. “I am looking forward to the students who are so enthusiastic about all the different things that we do and them getting their chance to shine,” said Dr. Peterlin.

The club has a lot to look forward to with the new changes in office and a year of events ahead of them.

Carlie Gregg is the JCOM Vice President and a junior Communications major.